Copyright Seminar

The St. Joseph Music Foundation, in conjunction with the Missouri Music Hall of Fame, KFOH-FM radio, the St. Joseph Arts Academy, and Unplugged, will present a free seminar for musicians, writers, and artists of all ages, to explain copyrights (legally protecting your artistic property) and performance rights (earning royalties from your original music).


This free event is “family-friendly” and attendees of all ages are welcome.


The presentation will be given on Thursday, October, 19, 2023 at 6:00 PM by St. Joseph native, Prof. Anthony Glise, at Unplugged, 2605 Frederick Ave., in St. Joseph, Missouri.


“Any musician who doesn’t know how to legally copyright and register their music with a performance rights organization is losing a lot of extra money from royalties,” said Michael Fuson, Director of the St. Joseph Music Foundation.


The guest lecturer, Anthony Glise, maintains residence between Northern France and the US. He is the acting president of the Missouri Music Hall of Fame, host of the internationally broadcast humanitarian radio program, “Sleep Well, Ukraine,” and is one of only five international peer-review jurors for the journal, “The Soundboard Scholar,” published by the Guitar Foundation of America, the largest guitar organization in the world.


Anthony holds nine diplomas from seven countries including study in management, administration, and marketing at Harvard University, and has taught courses about the music business at universities throughout the US and Europe.


Anthony has published over 200 compositions, articles, books, and musical editions. He is a contract composer with Broadcast Music Inc. (US), and is the only non-French composer ever elected to the French Film Commission which led to the licensing of his original music for various films produced in the US, Europe, Cuba, South America, and Southeast Asia.


Thanks to the hosting at Unplugged, this 90-minute event is free and open to the public. Attendees will receive a complimentary handout which explains how musicians, artists, and writers protect—and earn money—from their original creations.


The evening will include an extensive question-answer session to address individual interests.


No reservation is necessary. For further information, contact the St. Joseph Music Foundation at (816) 261-5917.

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